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Harmonia Collection

The Harmonia Collection consists of pure and convenient design, a welcoming shape to every given context, classic or contemporary.


Petra Collection

The Petra Collection derives from a particular research in Nature. Soft and strong volume, inspired by the natural stones.


Philia Collection

The inspiration for the Philia collection is friendship. An elegant and minimal collection designed by pure lines and slim thickness.


Hestia Collection

Hestia Collection represents a traditional image from the history, its unique design is inspired from the old traditional countryside baskets.


Arche Collection

The Arche Collection is characterized by slim edges formed by in every detail, which characterizes the elements of the collection, giving it harmoniously curved and elegant lines.


Eirene Collection

The Eirene Collection is characterized by an elegant detail, different but not extreme, contemporary and suitable for any bathroom.


Lithos Collection

The Lithos Collection consist of a clean, sparse and minimally appointed design. The massive volume of the products communicates perfectly with the particular details and the selection of material and colors.


Eros Collection

Romantic in design and inspired by the nature of the trees. The idea was to create a sensation where you will wash your hands in a branched basket. A connection between the nature, modernism and the ambient.


Minima Collection

The Minima Collection has a practical and modern styling with a nod to minimalism. Gives dynamic and elegant sensations to its surroundings with modern and lively forms lending a fresh touch to every bathroom.